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    Longer rods are not only effective for shore fishing — allowing you to cast further and hold your line clear of the waves — they also allow you to keep back from the water’s edge. Starlo chooses the Light Surf models from several Shimano ranges. These measure between 3 and 3.4 m in length but are very light.

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    Shimano make an excellent range of quality spinning reels at various price points. Starlo likes the Stradic and Navi line-ups

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    PowerPro raided lines in the 8 to 15 pound range are ideal for light beach and rock fishing, but always add a rod length of clear monofilament as a leader. Starlo chooses Shimano Ocea fluorocarbon leader material.

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    You’ll need a selection of hooks in the No. 4 to 4/0 size range, some ball, bean or bug sinkers from 00 to about No. 2 sizes and a few small swivels.

Shore-based fishing from our beaches and rocky headlands is incredibly popular and also readily accessible to a large portion of the country’s population, even close to our major cities. In this episode, Starlo shows how easy it is to target some wonderful, hard-fighting southern species from the shore, including Australian salmon and black drummer. His underlying message is simple: the lighter you fish, the more you’ll catch!