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    You never know when a really big cod might join the fray, so Starlo opts for medium weight baitcaster (plug) gear. In this episode, he used his favourite old Shimano Jungle StiX baitcaster rods.

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    Shimano make an excellent range of high quality baitcaster or plug reels and Starlo opts for the Curado 200 model to chase these feisty river cod.

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    Braided lines in the 8 to 15 kg breaking strain range are ideal for chasing river cod, but always add a rod length of clear monofilament as a leader. Starlo prefers PowerPro Braid and Shimano Ocea fluorocarbon leader material.

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    Cod respond to a wide range of lures, but the Gangster spinnerbaits showcased in this episode are a firm favourite, especially when fitted with S-Factor-smeared Squidgies soft plastic trailers for added appeal!

The iconic Murray cod is one of Starlo’s favourite target species, and in this episode he joins fishing journalist Glen Stewart on the Macquarie River out beyond Hill End in NSW to chase cod from his Native Watercraft kayak. This beautiful western-flowing river system is a traditional stronghold of the cod, and Starlo finds that their numbers are re-building nicely as more and more anglers choose to practice catch-and-release these days.