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    Fuel is available in Killarney and Warwick and there are IGA stores in both of these towns also!

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    28 PSI on the dirt for this one but when the going gets tough we go down to around 15 psi if need be!

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    The Condamine River doesn’t require any permits however The Springs 4×4 Park has fees to access and camp.

The Condamine an absolute must for any novice 4wder wanting to try some basic river crossings or test his new set of tyres in some mud terrain style driving. For the entire duration of this track you actually get to drive through the gorge crossing the Condamine River 14 times. These river crossings are so good for the novice 4wder as they all have a hard rocky base and can be driven in low range with ease and care. 

The water levels generally will sit just below the steps on your stock standard 4×4, however the Condamine is weather dependent and the river can rise rapidly. The Condamine can never be done too many times there is always something more to see and do, the abundance of wildlife and some of the most amazing backdrops you will find 4wding makes it an absolute must. v We recently made a trip out here after a week of rain and the track was muddy so make sure you check the weather before attempting this track, or travel with other keen 4x4s just like us, and always take the appropriate recovery gear. There is no need to give to much details as where to go once on the Condamine River Road as there is no alternate routes once on, it simply follows the gorge along the river and out to Killarney. 

If river crossings Mud 4wding and scenery is what interests you then you cannot go wrong with the Condamine Track. This Track simply has it all some of the most amazing scenery, mud to easy driving and an abundance of swimming holes for the kids. 

There are absolutely no shops once on the Condamine Track, so buying supplies at either Boonah or Killarney depending on which way you will be coming from is an absolute must. As far as camping is concerned you will find some of the most amazing places to spend a few days, however there are no amenities so be prepared to rough it out.


The Springs Camping and Adventure Park is situated just south of Warwick on the New England Highway in the Granite Belt region of South East Queensland.   The Granite Belt is a premium food and wine destination surrounded by stunning national parks and prehistoric granite formations.

The tracks wind over 700 acres of beautiful and varying terrain, ranging from Easy to the Extreme to cater for all vehicle types and class of driver.

There is also the Ironman Test Track for you to have some fun and test your skills!