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    Fuel is available at Warburton, Omeo and Thredbo

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    Always start when the dirt starts at around 28 psi but dont be afraid to go low if the going gets tough. We were down to 12 psi at times on this trip

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    National Park Fees and Permits apply to all these areas.

This route from Craigs Hut to Mt Kosciusko can be easy or hard depending on the time of year and weather conditions. The route starts at Mt Buller, take Cornhill Rd and the  Clear Hills Track to Craigs Hut. This can be very rough at times. Once you leave Craigs Hut head down Speculation Road through the Staircase until you come to Lake Cobbler. There is a nice camp here. Next head down the Appleyard Lake Cobbler track to Appleyard Road then Camp Creek Track to Yarrabuck Track and Onto Goldie Spur Track into the Buckland Valley.

Once you leave the Buckland Valley head towards Mt Murray on Buckland Valley road before turning onto Twin Jeeps Trail. This will take you through some amazing country before you hit the blacktop and cruise into Omeo.

If the weather is right and the tracks are open the best way from here to Thredbo is via Limestone Road and past Mt Gibbo and Mt Pinnibar through to Tom Groggin and onto the road to Thredbo. There are alternatives like the one we took when the roads are closed but they are less of a challenge.