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    Fuel is available before you get on the barge at Hervey Bay and this is the last place you can get Premium Unleaded, on the island there is plenty of fuel but expect to pay a premium

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    Fraser Island is a sand island so we would suggest you air down to at least 18psi to start your journey. Remember though you don’t have to air down before you get on the barge, there is plenty of room to do that at Kingfisher.

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    Fraser Island camping spots must be pre-booked via the Queensland Parks website. Rooms and Cabins are available at Kingfisher if thats more your style. Barge tickets range in price based on the season so book online before you arrive!

Fraser Island, off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, is the world’s largest sand island, stretching over 120km. Panoramic viewpoints include Indian Head, a rocky outcrop on the island’s easternmost tip, and the Cathedrals, a cliff famous for sculpted ribbons of coloured sand. It’s a camping and ecotourism destination, with beaches and swimming sites at Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and other freshwater pools.

Fraser Island Northern Forests scenic drive (36km) starts at Happy Valley from the south and heads north-west towards Yidney Scrub before crossing through rainforest and wallum woodland, past the Boomerang Lakes and on to Lake Allom. It’s well worth the stop in at the lookout over Knifeblade Sandblow before reaching the eastern beach, just south of The Pinnacles and north of Maheno Wreck. The Northern forests Track is for experienced 4WDers only because the 4wd Track is very rough with deep ruts and soft sand. This 4wd Track is extremely rewarding and one of my favourite tracks on Fraser Island because there is simply so much to the Track. You will go through Dense Rainforest for most of the track before hitting the land of the giants and also going through some very barren scrubland. The 4wd track offers so much diversity, you simply have to make it a part of your itinerary to Fraser Island. At the start of this track you can also take the Lake Garawongera scenic drive (15km, one hour) which goes through very lush rainforest but is also one of the hardest inland tracks on Fraser Island. Lake Garawongera is very rewarding though with picnic facilities & amenities. Towards the end of the Track as you pass through the rainforest you can take another detour and see Lake Allom. This is well worth it as the track takes you through some of the most dense rainforest on Fraser Island. At Lake Allom you have a very nice picnic grounds, amenities but no camping grounds. Leaving Lake Allom and continuing along the Northern Forests scenic drive takes you through some very soft sand tracks with large ruts to the Knifeblade Sandblow lookout before hitting the eastern beach which has many numerous campsites in both directions. The northern forest is simply a must do for any 4WD enthusiust when you are heading to Fraser Island.