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    Charleville, Windorah and Birdsville, but you’ll need to be able to travel 400kms with no fuel at a minimum

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    For all dirt roads start at 28PSI, but be ready to lower your pressures in the wet or when the going gets tough

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    No permits are needed to get to Birdsville but you’ll need a Desert Parks Pass if you want to explore the Simpson Desert

Thinking of tackling your first outback adventure? Well this is the trip for you. Starting out at the stunning Charlotte Plains Station just out of Cunnamulla in QLD. There is great camping here including access to a stunning hot spring. 

The drive from here to Birdsville will take you at least 2 days but it is well worth the effort, especially if you are heading into Birdsville for the Big Red Bash. The Big Red Bash is an annual music festival held at the base of Big Red in the Simpson Desert, with acts like Jimmy Barnes and Jess Malbouy why wouldn’t you check it out. 

From here we travelled south down the Birdsville track stopping at Phil’s Mungerannie Hotel and then onto Maree and the Eastern corner of Lake Eyre. Expect long dusty roads and keep an eye on road closures especially if it rains out there.