The Aussie Outback is an amazing place that we just can’t stay away from and Broken Hill is right in the centre of this vast landscape. This week on The Offroad Adventure Show, Rick and Jamie head check out Mt Gipps Station, situated a mere half an hour from Broken Hill.  The Station is home to some great 4WD challenges for anyone who loves to lock the hubs and pit their adventure machine against the track in low range.  The boys also stop in at the Mundi Mundi Plain lookout, this is one sight you’ll have to take in for yourself.  The landscape around here is such that on a clear day, you can actually see the curvature of the earth!  If that isn’t an adventure highlight to throw on the bucket list, well we’re stumped as to what is!



This week, Starlo is hitting the water with a mind to target blackfish on green weed.  If you’re up for a battle of wits, then the blackfish can be a great challenge.  Starlo takes us through all the steps and techniques you’ll need to work on to fool these tricky customers! Its all about soft rods, small hooks and keeping the excitement and energy at bay when you’re reeling in your prize…All the skill in the world is no substitute for a healthy dose of luck, watch now to see how he fares!


What does one do when on Mission Beach Cairns? Skydiving of course! Caroline takes us with her while she nervously skydives for the first time!! Freefalling over such a beautiful part of the world will leave you just as breathless at Miss Adventure herself.

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    Broken hill has everything you need for your offroad adventure

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    If you’re going to be playing at Mt Gipps Station, you’ll need to drop the pressures – start at 24psi for most full size 4WDs