In this episode, Rick takes Jamie for tour around his stomping grounds for a boys adventure.  It’s hard to believe such champagne 4WDing is less than 2 hours from Sydney! The Newnes plateau and surrounding bushland near Lithgow.  The region is well known by locals as a bit of an Offroad playground, but the best thing about Newnes, there’s something for everyone to have a crack at.  Playing host to everything from historic ruins and Glow worm caves through to medium to advanced 4WD tracks, there is fun to be had at every turn, no matter what that means for you. With such a massive variety of things on offer, you’d be mad not to get out and take a look for yourself!


Starlo braves the elements and rugs up against the frigid temperatures to take us on the quest to catch Yellow Belly in a stocked inland impoundment.  Now that might sound like the proverbial fish in a barrel, but knowing there’s fish in the water, and finding them are two very different things that can be worlds apart!  Starlo has a few ideas, and certainly doesn’t disappoint!


This weeks awesome adventure is one for the whole family. Caroline heads to Newcastle to fly above the treetops and take in the most spectacular scenery. Harness up and lets TreeTop Safari!

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    Lithgow is the closest for fuel & supplies

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    Lithgows terrain varies from track to track, start at 26PSI but be prepared to drop from there