Rick and Jamie are joined by Dave and Steph from Tough Dog Suspension on a  tour of one of the iconic 4wding meccas!  Its amazing that some of the best spots to visit can be so close to major centres.  The Brindabella Ranges straddle the NSW and ACT borders and they’re jam packed with just about everything you can think of when you think high country wilderness.  The crew check out the historic Stockman’s huts dotted through the region, the wild brumbies that call these mountains home, and of course a few tough and tricky tracks along the way as well.  This is one epic adventure, come and join us!


If you want to improve your fishing, its important to improve not only your technique, but your skills of observation as well.  Ther are so many clues around us, and Starlo’s pointing them out this weeik with his lesson in all things visual.  Everything from what to look for and where to look in the natural environment, right through to having the right gear to pick up on the finer details that can make all the difference between a good haul of fish, and coming home empty handed.  Starlo gives us the low down on getting the right gear for you, without breaking the bank.


This week Caroline takes a couple of her friends on a very exciting urban adventure and all for a good cause. Abseiling 33 storeys from a Sydney Skyscraper takes a heap of courage and a challenge that only Miss Adventure would tackle head on! The Sir David Martin foundation is a non-profit organization It’s a charity dedicated to helping young people in crisis. They fund programs to support young people suffering from problems such as substance addiction, homelessness, mental illness, disengagement from society, abuse, unemployment and family breakdown. These programs provide treatment and support for these issues, as well as assist young people in returning to education and training to find pathways to employment and a healthy, productive life.

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    With Canberra so close, its the obvious choice. Talbingo also has fuel & supplies

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    Sharp rocks can rip up an over inflated tyre in the rough stuff. start around 24PSI and take it easy on the throttle