We love 4wd destinations (this is the Offroad Adventure show after all), but we especially love those lesser known ones that that haven’t been discovered yet. Bylong Creek 4×4 Park is one such hidden gem that has managed to stay of the radar for a lot of people. This week, Jamie and Rick have caught up with Bylong’s owner Bruce, to check the place out. Located about an hour and a half from Lithgow, there is amazing 4WDing, great camping and some very entertaining viewing!  The boys aren’t content to just explore the place though, everything is a competition… Who will come out on top…The mighty 60 or the Legendary Landy?


Wherever you are, bait you’ve caught yourself will always outperform the store bought stuff.  Simply because it’s in the ecosystem you’re fishing, so chances are pretty high that it will be on the dinner menu for something larger.  Regardless of whether you opt to use it live or not, there’s no doubt that it’ll help your fishing results.  The tools of bait catching are pretty simple, a good old yabby pump all you really need! Our resident fishing guru, Join Starlo as he gives you loads of tips to help you land the mighty catch you’re after!


Caroline’s adventure takes us to the remote Hopkins Island to take us all on a journey swimming and interacting with the beautiful Australian Sea Lions! Adventure Bay Charters out of Port Lincoln run tours daily and like Caroline you will be enchanted by the puppy dogs of the sea!

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    Mudgee is your best bet for all supplies

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    Getting into Bylong Creek is a highway pressure affair. Once you’re on the tracks… choose accordingly. 18PSI will keep you out of trouble for most tracks