Earlier this season, Ricko played host to Jamie in his backyard, exploring the area aroung Lithgow, NSW.  On this week’s show, the tables have been turned, it’s now Jamie’s turn to lead the way and take Rick on an adventure in his backyard.  Now we’re not biased to any particular state, but the Queenslanders amoungst us do have some pretty epic placed to visit offroad.  Jamie and Rick are touring Moreton Island on the Sunshine coast.  The island is bursting with adventure that ranges from fishing and 4WDing (need we mention anything more) and even snorkelling, and the adrenaline fuelled quad bike adventures!  Oh, did we mention the Dolphins? 


Starlo is joined this week by his wife Jo, who may be the only person keener for a day on the water than Starlo himself!  They’ve left the boat on the shore this time though, and are heading out for a spot of kayak fishing fun!  A Kayak might be fantastic when it comes to having a light maneuverable platform to work from, but they can be a little limiting when it comes to space on board.  Starlo & Jo share with you their personal preferences to make Kayak fishing as enjoyable as any other aquatic transport option.


This weeks extreme adventure for Caroline takes her to the Tully River white water rafting! If this episode doesn’t get your heart racing we’re not sure what will. Raging Thunder adventures operate every day….Take in the beautiful scenery and be prepared for lots of squeals and laughter!

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    There’s no fuel on the island, but basic supplies are available. Stock up before you leave Brisbane

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    Soft sand equals low tyre pressures, on the island expect 14-16PSI