Welcome to season two of The Offroad Adventure Show.  Come and join Rick, Jamie and Starlo as they get off the beaten track.  This week, the guys are checking out the amazing Coffs Coast region, where the rainforest meets the sea, quite literally!  The area is rich in history and adventure, and the team is keen to seek out the very best that this pristine region has to offer.  Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of gold mining heritage in the area, as well as pitting the 4WDs against the tough tracks that wind through the rainforest.  Of course, this close to the coast it’s impossible to spend some time on the beach, and the Coffs coast has some of Australia’s very best beachside campsites.

The guys are always keen for a laugh, watch the episode now to see what’s in store for Ricko!


Starlo takes us through some of the lesser utilized options for rock fishing beside the traditional “throw it out and haul it in” technique.  Often lighter gear and a bit of technique employed between the rocks can yield some pleasing results!  If you can’t beat em, join em.  Often the best fishing can be had by working with the tides and waves, rather than against them!  Rock fishing has its fair share of risks, Starlo shows us the best way to stay safe when fishing off the rocks.


Miss Adventure, Caroline Pemberton and her friend Astrid, head to the slopes of Thredbo at the wrong time of year!  If you’re looking for snow of course.  Thredbo mountain is as much fun in the summer months as it is in winter with the downhill mountain biking on offer for every skill level!

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    Coffs Harbour is a major centre with everything you could possibly need

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    start on 24PSI in the hills, or 16PSI on the sand