This week on the Offroad Adventure show Ben Millbourne, our resident Chef is along for the ride with Rick & Jamie as they check out the Bendelby Ranges in South Australia. Now, Ben might be a master behind the bench in the kitchen, let’s see how he fares behind the wheel! I wonder how Ben will go behind the wheel! The Bendelby Ranges property is a privately owned hidden Gem at the foot of the Flinders Ranges. With country like this, Ben is sure to get the very best taste of adventure by 4WD!

South Australia might be known as a hot spot for Tuna, but that’s not what we find fishing Guru Starlo chasing this week. Why Not Fishing Charters’ 20 metre cruiser the Crusader III has the guys fishing for King George Whiting, which makes for a delicious meal.

While out on the track with the guys, Ben whips up a quick and easy French Toast and Berry Compote desert as a bit of thanks for the 4WDing lesson and adventure. These guys ahev got it pretty easy when the resident chef is on hand!

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    Hawker is the closest stop for Food & Fuel, Port Augusta is the nearest major centre.

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    26PSI is a good starting point for corrugations