Rick & Jamie are finishing off the season with a trip to the southern Flinders Ranges, an area rich with History, and packed full of great 4WDing.  This episode, the guys are checking out the Merna Mora station, one of the working stations in the area.  On the property, there’s plenty to explore, from a track that runs along the side of Wilpena Pound, to the vast open flats of Lake Torrens, this is an episode not to miss!


The worst day out fishing is still better than the best day at work!  It always pays to have a plan B up your sleeve though!  Starlo finds himself in this exacy position when a storm front threatens to call the trip off, but instead, Starlo swaps Salmon chasing in the surf to hunt for Black Bream on the eastern side of the Ayre Peninsula.


Caroline has an adventure that is a little out of the ordinary for us this week, swimming with Southern Blue Fin Tuna!  This is the only place in the world where you can swim with these monstrous fish, and it’s certainly an experience to put on the bucket list.  Caroline is blown away at just how big these beautiful fish are!

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