We said it last season, but there is no harm in saying again.  Jamie’s Queensland coast backyard is something to behold, and envy!  The great thing is, it’s there for all of us to get out and enjoy!  Jamie is taking Rick on an adventure on North Stradbroke Island, a 4WDing destination often overlooked when planning the holiday destination.  If you call Brisbane home, this is literally a stone’s throw away fro your front door!  It’s amazing how often the best adventures so close to home are overlooked!  The guys enjoy some awesome sand 4WDing, catch up with them as they hit the sand dunes, which can only end in a barrel of laughs.


Starlo’s also taking advantage of the Stradbroke coastal region, heading off shore for a spot of lure fishing.  There’s no need to bring your own vessel though with so many tour companies on offer in the area.  This is a picturesque area that you need to experience for yourself.


Caroline Pemberton saddles up and takes us on a 4 legged adventure by horseback.  The Australian alps are the backdrop for this brilliant expedition that gives a real taste of the lifestyle of the high country horsemen forever immortalised in the writings of Banjo Patterson.  Tag along as we take things at a slower pace.

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    Stradbroke is only 30 minutes from Brisbane

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    14-16PSI is needed on the sand, careful driving on bitumen on deflated tyres