Rick and Jamie have taken off west into the NSW Corner Country.  This area has a certain magnetism for Rick that just keeps calling him back time and time again.  This week, the guys start their adventuer at Tibooburra in the far north west corner of the state.  They work their way north through the Sturt National Park taking in all the rich history and vistas of the area.  Outback desert travel is a must for anyone who wants to fully appreciate the cast nature of our landscape.


Once fishing is in your blood, its very hard to get it out again.. but then, why would you want to?  Starlo is back out again, and this week, he has Chris Cleaver from Shimano along to wet a line in search of the classic Snapper.  The guys have headed out from Port Hacking just south of Sydney, and they’re using soft plastics to pull in this classic eating fish.


Caroline Pemberton, gets the heart racing and learns a few skills that just miht serve her well on the open road.  This week, Miss Adventure is visiting with the team from for  all the thrills that come with getting behind the wheel of a high powered purpose built rally car that anyone can drive! The team will take you through all the skills needed to pilot this awesome track weapon, and they could make you a better driver in the process!

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    This is seriously remote travel, stock up in advance ,Tibooburra has the last minute supplies and fuel

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    24PSI is a good starting point for heavy corrugations