On the show this Week Rick and Jamie are joined again by Cookie from Tough Dog Suspension, who’s managed to escape the office again for the adventure on the Outback Highways.  These highways may be the arterial roads that keep the centre of Australia going, but they’re also the backdrop for some amazing adventures, and have a rich tapestry of history woven by the characters that have made a life and a living on the Outback Highways. The Guys are checking out the famous Strezlecki Track as well as the iconic Oodnadatta Track.  With everything from abandoned road houses to current ones, and hot springs in the mix as well, join us as the guys discover some well-known, and some lesser known, hotspots along the way.


Fair weather fisherman is something our Guru Starlo has never been called, well.. not with any substance anyway.  Starlo is braving some less than ideal conditions out on the water in Mallacoota near East Gippsland.  This week, Starlo is experimenting with a range of hard body bibbed lures to see what entices the fish out of hiding.  Great sport for any fisherman.


If you;ve ever seen a 4WD Competition vehicle in person, you’ll know they look like some of the best fun on four wheels.  Traditionally, to get behind the wheel of one you’d have to put the hours of shed time into a custom build.  Caroline is challenging gravity with the team from Rugged Edge 4X4, who have a few competition rock crawlers that you can pilot around their custom built competition track!  Anyone with a craving for adrenaline has got to check this experience out!

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    You’ll need to be well stocked for food prior to making it to corner country. Fuel is available at the Corner, and again at Lyndhurst where basic supplies can also be bought.

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    A balancing act between soft pressures for the bumps and firm pressures for the higher speed – 26 PSI is a good starting point