Rick, Jamie and Cookie from Tough Dog are back again, and after last week’s adventure on the outback highways, they’re crossing the Simson Desert from West to East.  The last bite of civilization for the crew is at the Mt Dare Hotel, where the guys stop in and chat with Dave, the owner, before pegging up a stubby cooler, and heading off into the desert.  The destination is only part of the fun in the desert and the guys are checking out a bunch of highlights along the way including some great swimming at Dalhousie Springs.  There is so much history from the desert Pioneers through this area, and its impossible not to be in awe of the hardy spirits of those who came before.


Starlo and his wife Jo find themselves on the rocks in South East Queensland for some bait fishing for the classic yellowfin bream.  Whether you’re a seasoned hand off the rocks, or a compete greenhorn, Starlo has a tip for everyone from safety and gear selection to avoiding snags and baiting techniques to boot! If you aren’t hooked yet, we’re sure you’ll take the bait soon!


Byron bay is a mecca for sun drenched adventures and everything aquatic, but like anywhere on the NSW coast, when it rains, it can really come down!  Caroline shows us on this week’s episode that all adventures can be had in any weather conditions!  Miss Adventure is taking on a surfing adventure in Byron Bay, and loving every minute of it… You can’t get much more soaked than in the surf!

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    The Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta has fuel & basic supplies. Mt Dare Hotel is the last fuel before entering the desert.

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    26 PSI is a good starting point, be prepared to go to 20PSI when the desert sands start to soften