This week Rick, Jamie and Dave continue their trip across the Simpson Desert.  The guys are not taking the direct route straight across the desert, but are detouring through some of the southern desert tracks to explore as much as possible on the way across.  The heavens have an ominous look about them in the final parts of the Desert run, will the guys make it up and over big red and out of the Simpson before the rain comes down, or will they be out here for a lot longer than planned?  Check out the episode to see all the action and adventure of the second part of our Simson Desert crossing.


Starlo travels to the beautiful region of Mallacoota to try a spot out on the water with one of his favourite style of rig – soft plastics.  The great thing about soft plastic lures is the universality of the bait.  They can be used almost anywhere in Australia to target a huge range of species.  Almost every fish in the waterways will take a crack at one of these if they get too close to home.  IN this episode, the guys are after flathead, bream and silver trevally, with a range like this in the sights we won’t be disappointed!


Byron Bay, Australia’s eastern most point is a great spot to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales if you’re there at the right time of year.  Caroline’s take on whale watching though isn’t the norm though, and this adventure is about as close as you can get to these playful friends, and majestic behemoths of the oceans.

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    The Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta has fuel & basic supplies. Mt Dare Hotel is the last fuel before entering the desert & Birdsville is the first stop on the way out.

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    26 PSI is a good starting point, be prepared to go to 20PSI when the desert sands start to soften