This week’s episode sees Rick and Jamie accompanied by Miss Adventure, Caroline Pemberton in the Isuzu MU-X, who might be the guru when it comes to anything fuelled by adrenaline, but up until now, hasn’t been behind the wheel of a 4WD in low range conditions!  The Guys will be showing Croline the ropes around the Byfield National Park region, home to some stunning beach driving and epic views.  It’s a agreat place for both novice and advanced 4WDers alike, and Caroline is in good hands as she learns the ins and outs of piloting a 4WD!


Starlo and Jo are fishing the very beautiful and peaceful Lake Boondooma in Proston QLD.  A man-made lake, the waterway is stocked with Bass and Yellowbelly, which make for great fishing, especially on light tackle.  Fish can be cunning adversaries, and Starlo takes us through a range of lures to find out what will get the target species on the hook!


Miss Adventure, Caroline Pemberton, is turning the tables on the guys.  After spending some time behind the wheel of the 4WD, learning all about the offroad adventures that can be had in Australia, Caroline takes the guys on an adventure of her own.  The team is heading into the Capricorn Caves, which involves a 30 metre abseil just to get started!  If that doesn’t get the heart rate up, you should probably see a doctor!

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    Yeppoon is the last town heading north of size.

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    soft sand means 14-16PSI, be careful at higher speeds on low pressures