Australia might be a young country, but our history as a nation portrays a rich tapestry of ties to all over the world. This week on The Offroad Adventure Show, the guys are on the trail of one such piece of Aussie History, the wreckage site of Beautiful Betsy, an American WWII Bomber that went down in 1945. The wreck is situated in Kroombit Tops National Park in QLD. This is certainly one worth checking out, as the wreck lay undiscovered for 49 years! The area is as pristine as it gets, and offers some great 4WD tracks as well for those who like a bit of a challenge in low range.

Starlo and wife Jo are chasing all things aquatic this week in South East Queensland. While Starlo is casting for Bass and Yellowbelly, Jo will take us through the best ways to trap Red Claw Crayfish. There are dozens of old wives tales on the best bait to use, and Jo is testing out some of the common, and some of the unorthodox options people swear by!

Everyone has a fear they need to conquer, but you wouldn’t think that Miss Adventure’s would be heights! Caroline tackles it head on though by signing up for Bungee Jumping out of Cairns! The view off the top is spectacular, but the rush on the way down is something you’ll have to experience for yourself!

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    Bilolea is the closest stop for Food & Fuel, Gladstone is the nearest major centre.

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    The main tracks are fairly easy, and will require 26-28 PSI, if you’re going to tackle Razorback Track, expect to drop to 22PSI as a guide.