This week the boys are showing us how you can do Cape York with your family in just a few weeks and without breaking your 4WD. The journey starts in Cairns and this is the place to stock up on food and fuel before you hit the road. The boys stop in at Hartleys Crocodile Adventures to get up close and personal with the crocs before heading to meet Steve at Cape Trip Camping. 

The next day its time for some jungle surfing and then the boys drive the Bloomfield track to the Lions Den Hotel. Next on the list is Cooktown and a camp at Eddie’s camp up near Elim beach and the Coloured Sands. 

From here its onto the dirt again following battle camp road over to Old Laura and then through the Lakefield National Park all the way to Musgrave Station. 

But thats not all, after this the boys visit Coen and checkout some of the history there before heading for the comfy camp of Bramwell Station. 

Also in this weeks show Starlo and Jo are fishing out of Wiepa and Jo is on the fish big time!