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    Fuel is available at Thredbo, Jindabyne, Buchan and Orbost

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    Always start when the dirt starts at around 28 psi but dont be afraid to go low if the going gets tough.

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    National Park Fees and Permits apply to all these areas.

Our adventure began just out of Jindabyne at Snowy Wilderness.

Adjoining Kosciusko National Park and just 29KM south of Jindabyne, our resort offers luxurious eco-friendly accommodation, brumby watching (including our magnificent Silver Brumby), horse riding, 4WD touring, trekking, camping, delicious fine dining cuisine, and friendly hospitality. The high country is where The Man from Snowy River comes to life. Adjacent to Kosciusko National Park we offer our guests days of guided tours taking in breathtaking views, waterholes, waterfalls, rugged wilderness bush, volcanic peaks, and access to the Snowy River; all set within the backdrop of the unique vista of Australia’s iconic high country.
As well as being a sanctuary to our brumbies, Snowy Wilderness is also home to kangaroos, wallabies, emus, wombats, echidnas, wedge-tailed eagles, and deer, as well as many varieties of native birds and flora.

Then the boys followed part of the Iconic 4WD Route – Snowy River Drive

Take a journey into the heart of legendary Snowy River country on a drive with highlights of the remote Snowy River National Park, including spectacular river scenery, deep gorges, waterfalls and magnificent forests.

Best undertaken over 2-3 days, there are opportunities for walking, swimming, canoeing and enjoying riverside starry nights. From Orbost, the tour heads to Buchan Caves, where limestone formations create an underground wonderland. After a guided tour, enjoy a bushland picnic or swim in the spring-fed pool.

Further north, see Little River Falls and Little River Gorge (Victoria’s deepest), before descending into the stunning Snowy River Valley. Rejoining the Snowy, McKillop Bridge stands high above – a scenic spot perfect for rock pool swimming or launching a canoe.

Walk through Ash Saddle Walk’s tall forests, and take in breathtaking views along Tulloch Ard Gorge and the beautiful fern fringed Raymond Falls. The Big Tree – an 80-metre high Errinundra Shining Gum is the perfect picnic spot, before exploring the remains of Hicks homestead, near Hicks Campground.