This week Rick & Jamie are making their way further south along the western coast of Tasmania.  Heading down the western Explorer, the guys being their journey in Corrina before making their way onto the Climies Track.  The Western Explorer used to be known as the road to nowhere, and if you ask us, that sounds like the best way to start an adventure!  The Climies track on the other hand is known in every 4WDing circle as one worthy of a place on the bucket list!  If you’re into spectacular vistas, historic sites or low range 4WD adventure, then this is the location for you!


They say that ‘the early bird catches the worm’ but the saying really should go something like ‘the early fisherman catches the trout.’  Starlo is wetting a line at Lake Roseberry near Burnie for a spot of fishing chasing a Tasmanian Classic, the Brown Trout.  The Trout here are naturally spawned, not stocked, so this is a natural challenge for every fisherman!


Rick and the family head to Strahan for a day of fun-filled activities. First stop was the longest continually running play in Tassie, The Ship That Never Was! Keep your eyes peeled for a special appearance by Rick’s crew! Their next adventure was on the Wilderness Railway where they were treated like royalty! Great fun was had by all and the kids certainly had a ball.

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    Supplies are few and far between in this area, head to Waratah first in the north, Strahan or Queenstown in the South.

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    Beach driving means low presures, start at 20 PSI depending on your weight