Welcome to Episode 1 of The Offroad Adventure Show Summer series!  In this series, the guys will be tackling all things Tasmania, and showing you everything that the ‘wild isle’ has to offer.  Rick and Jamie are back in the Landy and the ‘Cruiser for another action packed series.  The adventure begins in Devonport, where the guys are quick to get as west as they can to the wild west coast and onto the famously treacherous Balfour Track.  The guys get a little more than expected on this run, but you’ll have to watch to find out more!


Starlo is joined this week by Jamie Harris & Hannah Ledger in search of the monstrouse Tassie Squid.  Their fishing off the north west corner of Tasmania and the chances of catching a delicious meal are pretty high!


If you want to know what to do to keep the little tackers entertained in Tasmania?  Rick has brought along his crew for the adventure.  This week, Rick & the family are in Cradle Mountain, where getting lost in nature is as easy as stepping out the front door!  The kids will be more than entertained with activities like the Tassie Devil experience at Devils at Cradle as well.

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    Devonport is the nearest major town for fuel and supplies

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    The balfour track can be treacherous, especially if traffic has been heavy start at 20 PSI.