There are adventures aplenty in Tasmania, some a little stranger than others!  Rick and Jamie are exploring St Helens on the North East Coast.  It may not be a massive island, but the east and west coasts of Tassie are polar opposites to one another!  The Guys are exploring everything this part of the world has to offer, which includes everything from Beer drinking Pigs as well as epic scenery and some tough sand dune challenges!


The best adventures take a little effort to get to, that’s why not everyone manages to make it there!  Starlo, Jamie and Hannah get off the beaten track this week and take a hike, quite literally, to find the best fishing spots.  The guys are headed for Talbot’s Lagoon to cast a line after what could be the feistiest brown trout in all of Tasmania on natural bait, which is an adventure in itself!


On this week’s family hotspot Rick and the crew head out to Hadspen for a couple of nights to explore the area. First stop, the platypus house, which is home to a host of natural wildlife of Tasmania.  Ricks, favourite – Echidnas. After that, Seahorse world is just around the corner, and is another not-to-be-missed attraction. Cataract Gorge also drew their eye, but there is so much to do, nobody could take it all in on just one visit.

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    St Helens is fully stocked with everything you’ll need

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    This is some of Tasmania’s softest sand. 15PSI should be your starting point!