If you haven’t got much time to go offroading in Tasmania, there is plenty to challenge even the most serious 4WDers just around Hobart!  IN this week’s Offroad Adventure Show, Rick and Jamie are discovering just that when they explore the Hobart local tracks.  The Sawback Range Trail and the Mt Wellington Track are both on the must do list, and they’re certainly keeping the team on their toes as they navigate this spectacular part of Tassie.


Adventures can start in some very odd places.  Starlo, Jamie & Hannah hike it into a great little fishing hot spot in Tassie in the tail race below the Reece hydro dam.  This over flow is part of the Pieman river system, and is a great spot for Brown Trout.  The fishing is just magical in a location like this, and the environment here can produce some real monsters!  Will the team pull a trophy trout from the tail race?


For this week’s hot spot Rick takes his family to Hobart. On the way they have come across a little town called Plenty that have an adventure waiting for the whole family. Salmon Ponds plays host to some of the largest Rainbow Trouts along with a troupe of other species as well. After setting up camp they set out to the Richmond Gaol Historic Site where the kids loved the history and stories from the old Gaol. Definitely worth the visit when in Hobart! Last but not least Rick treated the family to a culinary experience that has something for every age group. Did someone say cheese…chocolate…and whisky!!

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    Being this close to Hobart, the choice is obvious!

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    be prepared for some serious 4WDing here, 22 PSI is a good start for the slippery conditions